HVAC Service Solutions

Solutions for HVAC Service Companies

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) service companies can use ConnectM solutions to remotely monitor HVAC equipment, remotely diagnose equipment issues, and to schedule service calls based on actual system usage.  In particular, ConnectM offers two solutions for organizations that want to remotely monitor a large number of properties:

  • Remote HVAC Monitoring

  • Remote HVAC Diagnosis

  • Repair/Replacement Alerts and Service Scheduling

Remote HVAC Monitoring

The HVAC Remote Monitoring product is a web-based user interface that provides centralized remote monitoring for thousands of residential HVAC systems. These screens show a home with the Ecovent solution installed. You can see the temperature readings for each room in the home, as well as the outside temperature. You can customize the time period for the graph, allowing you to see both current conditions and conditions for any time in the past.

You can choose a room to see the thermostat set point for that room, the temperature reading for that room, the amount of opening for any vents in that room, and the external weather.


On additional screens, it is possible to see the pressures in the ducts, the temperatures in the ducts, the pressures in the rooms, and other useful information for remotely monitoring an HVAC system.

Remote HVAC Diagnosis

The HVAC Remote Diagnosis product is a web-based user interface or a mobile application that intelligently diagnoses HVAC issues from anywhere. It monitors sensor readings in a remote HVAC system, processes those sensor readings, applied artificial intelligence, and issues proactive alerts when issues are detected. It isolates the cause of issues in the HVAC system, indicating the specific parts that need to be replaced.

These screens show a home where there is an issue with freezing coils. If you click on the Investigate buttons, you are taken to a screen that show the sensor readings and explains the diagnosis, so you can take timely action.

This solution is ideal for HVAC service companies or for organizations responsible for the operation of large quantities of homes. This solution proactively notifies you of issues with the system, and also issues predictive alerts to perform service tasks that prevent serious issues from developing. In addition to intelligently diagnosing HVAC issues, often before the homeowner realizes there is an issue, this system reduces truck rolls by proactively indicating the issues and the parts that need to be replaced