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The WINNER of MIT Energy Hackath on represented ConnectM's Challenge

The MIT Energy Hackathonis a weekend long event where teams of hackers come together to solve energy related challenges proposed by industry leaders like Schlumberger, Aramco, McKinsey, TATA and others.

These challenges range from reducing building energy usage to innovative ways to recreate certain energy. During the weekend, hackers spent hours quickly finding solutions in order to present them at the end of the weekend in front of a panel of judges from MIT and companies.

During the 2016 MIT Energy Hack, ConnectM presented the challenge related to predicting life of IoT enabled assets.One of the teamsrepresenting ConnectM's real world challenge, was the winner.

The ability to accurately predict asset life cycle of ConnectM IoT enabled assets within any given energy environment is a significant step forward in ConnectM’s value proposition to the market.

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