Aurai Platform


Aurai is a cloud-based platform that makes is easy to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to indoor climate and health sensor data.  With a pre-built library of data signatures that automatically detect a number of indoor climate and comfort situations, Aurai makes it easy to add artificial intelligence to indoor climate and health controls.  For instance, Aurai includes data signatures for detecting solar loading, duct leakage issues, and mold risk.  Aurai is essentially AI-as-a-service for indoor climate and health companies.

Capable of processing hundreds-of-thousands of data points per second, and support for a variety of protocols like HTTP and MQTT, Aurai is ready for anything you throw at it. 

The Aurai platform automates the logistics of mapping, packaging, delivering, and responding to the analysis of your data, making the prediction of issues such as mold, condensation damage, equipment problems simple. You’ll only need to select a data signature. 

The platform also automates the scheduling and delivery of data analysis to a multitude of destinations, including mobile app push notifications, emails, spreadsheets, webhooks, and PDF reports.


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