The ConnectM Footprint Covers Over 11,000,000 Square Feet of Buildings Worldwide

Solutions for Distributed Buildings

ConnectM’s Internet of Things (IOT) solutions improve the operational efficiency of large and distributed buildings, while also increasing occupant comfort and health.  Distributed building customers include retailers with many locations, Self-Storage REITs, financial institutions with many locations, telecommunications companies with many locations, and so on.

Centralized Monitoring & Management Solution

The Yantra-CENTRAL integrated solution is comprised of Internet of Things (IoT) gateways, sensors and actuators, together with intelligent software, that provides monitoring and control for small to large distributed buildings from a remote and central command center. Some of the capabilities offered as part of the Centralized Monitoring & Management Solution are:

  • Energy, water & fuel monitoring

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning optimization

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management

  • Intelligent air movement to provide free cooling

  • Sensor-based lighting & HVAC control

  • Signage control

  • Condition monitoring of assets like UPS, gensets, elevators, vending machines etc.,

  • Data center room temperature & energy efficiency monitoring

  • Automatic alerts and ticket management

  • Asset tagging (NFC/QRC) and proactive & preventive maintenance

  • Managed services by subject matter experts to manage & operate facilities

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven insights & recommendations for optimizations

Smart AHU Optimization Solutions

The ConnectM Smart AHU solutions offer a wide variety of capabilities that allow for the optimization of the operations of AHU to ensure the achievement of comfort to occupants, reduce energy consumption, as well as meeting regulatory compliances by maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ) within HVAC zones.

These combined solutions can reduce energy consumption up to 30-40%.

ConnectM’s AHU optimization includes the below features:

  1. Demand control ventilation ensures CO2 levels are maintained as per regulations

  2. Smart zoning resolves hot/cold regions and improves indoor occupant comfort levels

  3. Delta-T monitoring to ensure the efficiency of heat transfer within AHU

  4. Intelligent & granular control of chilled water valve (CWV) reduces demand on chillers

  5. EC fan integration that reduces energy and maintenance costs

Data Center Temperature & Energy Efficiency Monitoring

ConnectM offers an effective way of monitoring and managing data center temperature and energy consumption. The benefit of this monitoring is to ensure there are no hot/cold areas and that there is no inefficient cooling in the data center or server rooms.

The solution also enables the monitoring of energy consumption from an IT and Non-IT load to derive Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) that helps to analyze data center energy efficiency and enable continuous improvement in reducing overall energy consumption.

Occupancy-Based Lighting & HVAC Control

The ConnectM occupancy-based Lighting & HVAC control solution uses a mix of occupancy sensors to optimize the control of lighting and HVAC systems, thereby controlling the heating and cooling based on actual occupancy of the space. By controlling the HVAC systems based on occupancy, you are able to optimize occupant comfort, while also driving operational cost savings. In fact, the ConnectM occupancy-based HVAC control solution has been shown to help commercial buildings drive up to 15-30% savings on their operational costs.

Fuel Inventory & Consumption Tracking for Large Campuses

ConnectM’s Integrated Diesel Tracking and Management solution helps large property owners that utilize thousands of gallons of fuel on a daily basis to get clear visibility of fuel inflow, stock levels and consumption details in real-time by using IoT sensors, gateways and intelligent software. The solution also helps plan procurement better and avoids waste, invariably bringing accountability across departments.

The solution digitizes entire activities typically followed by operations teams manually on a daily basis, rendering them completely paperless. This includes indents, receipts, reconciliation, reporting, alerting and many more business-related needs.

Customers Include:


“Amdocs has always believed in innovation that yields results. ConnectM’s Energy Management Solution has done exactly that by helping us save significant amount of energy in terms of HVAC and lighting by automating the whole facility (700,000 SqFT) based on occupancy. We are delighted to work with ConnectM as a team”

– Capt. JogDirector – Operations, Amdocs