HVAC Lifecycle Care

HVAC Lifecycle Care

Service Level Agreements

ConnectM offers four levels of SLA that an HVAC OEM’s Service Providers can offer their customers. In order to tailor the solution to your specific needs, each level has base capabilities with premium options.

These are:

  • Monitoring (Alerts)
  • Control
  • Integration
  • AI/ML

This level of SLA capabilities creates a stronger relationship between the HVAC Service provider and the end customer, and between you (the OEM) and the Service provider. It also establishes the connection between you and the end user of your equipment (as well as the equipment itself).

Every party gains value from each of these connections. They are the launchpad for an enhanced customer experience.

Customers gain peace of mind by knowing when your product needs attention, and Service providers can optimize their revenue and value to the customer, as can you.


Our Control SLA provides the ability for both customers and Service Providers to take action based on the alerts they receive, as well as for Service Providers to run preseason tests on installed equipment. This further increases the value that your brand brings to its Service Providers and the end users of its equipment.

B2B Integration

B2B Integration SLA is a major leap forward as it now brings the 3rd party ecosystem into play with you, the manufacturer, the Service provider, and the end consumer.

By connecting Service Providers, Applications (i.e. voice control), and OEMs of compatible equipment (i.e. humidifiers) and consumables (i.e. filters)  along with utilities, insurance firms, and warranty providers, you can provide your customers with a broad range of services to raise their experience with your brand to a high level. This further differentiates your brand, enables additional revenue streams, and strengthens customer loyalty.


AI allows you to truly provide a Best-In-Class experience to your customers by leveraging Smart Building technology based on the wealth of data that ConnectM has collected and analyzed over the years, and that continues to evolve. Customers will benefit from a fully closed loop system that includes predictive diagnostics based on their system’s performance, comparative location data, and 3rd parties ready to respond to their service needs before system failure.

This results in the best customer experience and deepest customer loyalty.