IoT Platform

Yantra is a fully-fledged platform for Internet of Things (IOT) devices. It includes everything you need to connect equipment to the Internet and remotely manage that equipment. Yantra is being used to manage sensors and equipment both in large buildings and in distributed buildings. For example, in several large buildings Yantra uses readings from occupancy and temperature sensors to automatically optimize the control lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in those buildings. In such situations, Yantra has been proven to improve comfort, while saving operating expenses by as much as 40%.



  • Support a wide variety of protocols, including TCP, MQ, REST, UDP, HTTP, and more
  • Secure communication
  • Choose from a wide variety of ConnectM IoT gateways, or work with a third-party IOT gateway
  • WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, radio, or wired local connectivity
  • Load balancing capabilities, with prioritization support
  • Support remote firmware updates


  • Consume and store voluminous machine data
  • Extract insights from data stream
  • Apply domain rules, workflow and track events
  • Integrate enterprise data, enable app development


  • Enable analysis, ad-hoc reporting, OLAP
  • Execute predictive models
  • Improve health, efficiency, life of assets
  • Enable business intelligence