Solutions for Manufacturers

Manufacturers of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and indoor air quality equipment use ConnectM to easily leverage equipment data to add artificial intelligence to their equipment. In particular, manufacturers can take advantage of ConnectM’s library of data science and machine learning capabilities that work with with operational and sensor data from their equipment.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimize operational cost

    1. Improve equipment utilization and efficiency

    2. Improve equipment availability and uptime with predictive capabilities

    3. Optimize energy consumption, lowering operational costs

    4. Improve maintenance efficiency by deploying appropriate resources

    5. Improve employee productivity by avoiding unnecessary travel

    6. Improve analysis and reporting

    7. Improve stock management for spare parts

  • Increase the life of assets

    1. Improve equipment utilization and efficiency

    2. More active management of equipment through remote monitoring

    3. Improve maintenance efficiency with predictive maintenance

    4. Avoid catastrophic failures

    5. Reduce depreciation of equipment

ConnectM has a rich library of ready-made data signatures that can add value to your equipment immediately.  For instance, ConnectM has data signatures for detecting refrigerant issues, detecting heat exchanger issues, detecting vent leakage issues, and so on.

ConnectM also has data signatures that can make equipment operate in a smarter manner.  For example, solar loading data signatures when combined with outside weather conditions can help HVAC equipment operate more efficiently and effectively.

Customers Include:


“ConnectM has the ability to deliver cost-effective and high-quality remote monitoring solutions.” –Tushar Mehendale, ElectroMech